OBD Tracking

Autokontrol’s  very latest product “AutoTracker” is a self-installed fleet tracking device for cars and light commercial vehicles that can be fitted within a matter of seconds. The tracking solution connects quickly and easily to the OBD II diagnostic port of the vehicle to capture telematics data that will not only provide a simple way of monitoring assets and protecting against misuse, but also enable companies to ensure they are being driven responsibly to help maximise return on investment value.


  • Rapid self-installation
  • Driver behaviour monitoring & accident alerts
  • Comprehensive reporting suite
  • Excessive RPM
  • Unauthorised movement & anti-tamper


  • Flexible asset tracking
  • Protection against vehicle mis-use
  • Enhanced driver behaviour
  • Enhanced vehicle & asset security
  • Increased vehicle & driver performance


“AutoTracker” is ideal for a range of applications where a hardwired tracking solution may not be suitable or due to the frequency of installation / de-installation would be both time and cost prohibitive. This includes companies that operate short term rental vehicles which are upgraded in a regular basis, companies looking to monitor the performance of sub-contractors, companies with owner drivers to enable the device to be removed whilst vehicles are not in business use, vehicle rental and leasing businesses looking to gain visibility over their fleets.


The tracking device provides complete visibility of assets with advanced track and trace functionality that can be viewed in real-time via a web-or server-based user interface. Meanwhile, “AutoTracker” provides a comprehensive suite of reports which can be previewed on screen, downloaded in Microsoft Excel / PDF or automatically scheduled on a regular basis.

Using an OBD II port the “AutoTracker” can access additional vehicle specific information from the on-board systems such as excessive engine RPM, malfunction indicator lamp (MIL) notifications and diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs). In addition, driver behaviour monitoring and crash detection can now identify severe G-Force movement, roll-over, over-speeding and excessive idling, while event snapshot recording captures important information for vehicle crash analysis.

“AutoTracker” has also been developed with a wide range of security features, which warn of unauthorised vehicle movements or when a device has been tampered with. Real-time alerts are received if the device is unplugged or moved to another vehicle, while any movement without the engine running, such as being loaded onto a transporter or towed away, also generate an appropriate alarm. It has also been fitted with a battery back-up that allows it to continue tracking for a short period even after unplugged from the OBD II diagnostic port.