The Trailer System

Another innovative winner from Autokontrol.
“The Trailer System”
Stopping drivers from exceeding the national speed limit helps companies to comply with the “Duty of Care Legislation” as well as the obvious benefits of substantial fuel savings and reducing Co2 emissions. As a result of many Operators today set the vehicle to speed to 70MPH either by fitting our DbW Limiter or by having the speed set in the management control system.

However, when you attach a trailer the legal speed limit reduces to 60MPH whilst the vehicle limiter remains at 70MPH, a serious problem when trying to keep drivers operating safely and within the law. Autokontrol have developed the solution “The Trailer System” it is a multi-functional system that operates by reducing the speed of the vehicle to 60MPH once the trailer is fitted but allows the vehicle to return to 70MPH on disconnection. Furthermore this product is capable of working in conjunction with any of the manufacturers factory set limiters.

Vehicle speed is lowered to 60MPH when a trailer is hitched