Top speed limiter or engine rev control

Top Speed Limiters have been used for years and have produced fuel savings where the vehicles have been used on long distance operations.  Where vehicles work in an urban setting an Engine Rev. Control will provide a fuel saving on every journey by preventing over-revving.

However they may still be capable of exceeding the national speed limit.  This is where the “combo” is the best option.

In the enclosed example the North Lanarkshire Transit Connect van was fitted with a Top Speed Limiter and returned 42MPG.  When fitted with a Rev Control in addition consumption improved to 49MPG.

Speed limiters and Rev. Controls use the same basic kit.  For Speed Limiting the information is taken from a speedometer or tachograph, for Rev. Control the information is taken from a rev counter.  On some vehicles the rev. signal can only be accessed using a canbus interface.  Installations times are generally similar.